About Us

The San Diego - Imperial County Regional Communications System (RCS) provides public safety voice and data communications to System Agencies consisting of Partners, Customers, and Mutual Aid users; totaling 116+ local, state, and federal agencies in San Diego and Imperial counties and over 20,000 active radios on the System.  A high degree of coverage throughout both Counties is provided for the purpose of improving public safety, public service communications, and interoperability.

The RCS vision is to provide seamless communication for public safety and public service agencies that serve 3,700,000 people in San Diego County and Imperial County. The RCS consists of shared governance. An RCS Board of Directors was created to provide Administrative direction and oversight and consists of Chief/Department Head level personnel from Fire, Law, and Public Service entities, representing their peer Agencies. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department's Wireless Services Division oversees the operation and maintenance of the Regional Communications System (RCS).